I am excited  to share that my first book – Power in the Paddock,  will be published within the next couple of weeks! It is a very big step for me and  I will be sharing some extracts from the book.

Cyntha Gonzalez has shared the following endorsement.

It takes the wake-up call of a malignant brain tumor for Yolanda Sing to ask herself if she can continue living a stressful corporate lifestyle that brings her no meaning or joy. Power in the Paddock is an inspiring account by her favorite polo pony, Erika, and Yolanda of the extraordinary healing journey that sees her heal from cancer but further take the leap and follow her greatest dream of living and working full time with beloved equine creatures back in her home country of South Africa. Her emphasis on spiritual surrender is reinforcing to any reader in facing his or her own significant life challenges.

Watch this space, as I will be sharing the voice of Erika.