Yolanda Sing is a professional coach, who inspires people to connect with the authentic leader within.

Her message is a catalyst for people to take charge of their lives, find their purpose and draw upon their gifts and talents to become their personal best.


Her rich international experience of working abroad in Senior Strategic Human Resource roles for 8 years has provided her with a global context and understanding of what is required to succeed as an Executive in today’s multi – national and virtual business world.

She brings this unique experience to the student relationship and lecturers from an authentic place of “knowing and understanding”

Her areas of expertise are;

People Management

Human Resources

Leadership and Management

Organizational and Culture Transformation


Career History

Yolanda Sing has worked extensively overseas, and has gained Global Human Resource Management experience in Executive Roles, across four continents, encompassing;


Middle East

The United States



Far East and China and working within the cultural diversities representative of these regions.